Day 2 Challenge


Today is day 2 of my challenge. We were told you assess different areas of our life.

The assessment was for the following:

1. Lifestyle
Like – I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and the basic needs. I also do very well at my make environment as a peaceful as possible. I like the fact that I am open to new ideas and experiences.
Dislike – I yearn for a different environment (aka nicer home). I also yearn to travel. There is so much more to life than what the STL has to offer.

2. Work
Like – I am appreciative that my job allows me to pay the bills and I do the best work possible, while I am there.
Dislike – Beyond paying bills my job is just a job and nothing more. There is no passion and excitement.

3. Education
Like – I like the fact that I have my Bachelors and Masters Degree. Al so my education will never end. I no longer seeking formal education, but I am always looking to learn more. I would love to enroll in a website design class, writing classes and a photography class.
Dislike – The fact that I am not working in the field of HR Management in order to use my Masters Degree.

4. Finances
Like – I have a source of income coming in. Everyone can’t say that.
Dislike – My salary!

Like – I am not on any meds.
Dislike – I am overweight, tired and not in shape. If don’t make any changes I will need meds.

Like – I have family that is there for me and good relationship with me son.
Dislike – Last year I was not there for family the way I should have been.

7. Relationships
Like – Overall I am happy with my relationships with family and friends.
Dislike – Again I need to be there more for my family and friends.

~31 Days


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  1. Hi! I have had my eye on Rosetta’s challenge for a while. Your post is refreshingly real! I hope you are still doing all you can to live well. I will keep reading. Be Radiantly Beautiful

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